This subject is related to the Portal era.
This subject is related to the Portal 2 era.

List of brands and companies in the Portal series

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This subject is related to the Portal era.
This subject is related to the Portal 2 era.

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This article lists the brands and companies appearing in the Portal series, excluding publication brands. As they may appear in both the Half-Life and Portal series, they are listed by their first appearance only.

See also the brands and companies from the Half-Life series.



Doug Rattmann's trash includes generic food and beverage containers. The bean tin has an Aperture Laboratories logo on the side.


Aperture Science Enrichment Center[edit]

Located in Upper Michigan, USA, this is the facility where Aperture Science conducts most of its experiments, monitored by the computer GLaDOS.

Scientific research companies[edit]

Aperture Laboratories[edit]

Trade name used by Aperture Science.

Aperture Science, Inc.[edit]

Main article: Aperture Science

Company introduced at the same time in Portal and Half-Life 2: Episode Two conducting experiments in numerous fields at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, and rival of Black Mesa.

Black Mesa[edit]

A rival company of Aperture, Black Mesa is mentioned several times in the game. It is mentioned in a slideshow titled "Dollar$ and Sense - Competing with Black Mesa for DoD and other government wide acquisition contracts". It is also mentioned by GLaDOS during the final battle and the Black Mesa logo has a chance of appearing on one of the GLaDOS screens.


Eiki ValveEmployee.png[edit]

The projector used for the "Dollar$ and Sense" slideshow in Portal is based on the model LC-XT1 by the Eiki company.

Portal 2[edit]

Scientific research companies[edit]

Aperture Fixtures[edit]

Earlier name of Aperture Science when it was a shower curtain manufacturer.

Aperture Science Innovators[edit]

Name used by Aperture Science from 1947 to the 1970s.


Hoover Treated Wood Products ValveEmployee.png[edit]

A real world company based in Thomson, Georgia. Its stamps appear on a plywood sheet model seen throughout the Enrichment Shaft stages of Portal 2.

The Lab[edit]


Sunny-B Korean Fast Food[edit]

A leaflet for that fast food restaurant can be seen on the Postcards relic in the hub.

Scientific research companies[edit]

Dynacorp Industries Ltd.[edit]

The company that Aperture Laboratories is a division of, as seen on the ATLAS blueprints in the hub and Robot Repair.

The Lab[edit]

Trade name used by Aperture Science in diagrams.



Dry-erase marker eraser brand used in the hub.

Fat Pet[edit]

A leaflet for that brand can be seen on the Postcards relic in the hub.

Holder Co.[edit]

Brand of the cabinet of drawers used by the protagonist in Robot Repair.


Brand of the tape drive located left of the service bay door in Robot Repair. Its model is "A-1359" and is part of the "Datamaster Series".


Dry-erase marker brand used in the hub. Half-Life: Alyx uses the Markz variant.

Reality Check[edit]

Brand of the spring-loaded weighing scale (that gives a "honest weight") featured in the waiting room in The Lab.

Time Tec[edit]

Clock brand seen on the clock in Robot Repair.




The name of the lunar rover racetrack section was originally written as a trademark as "BuggyBuddy™", which was removed in later updates.

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