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The Terminal

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The Terminal
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The Terminal is an old newspaper that can be found in several places in and around City 17.


The Terminal appears in Half-Life 2 as a worn out newspaper model, among the many other junk models, named "garbage_newspaper001a.mdl". It is folded with another newspaper that has a title beginning with the word "Money". The front page shows a head shot of Wallace Breen and another indistinguishable photo. The back of the model shows the bottom of the front page, featuring the picture of a car (seemingly the car model "car004a.mdl") on a road.

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • The name of the newspaper is likely a reference to the City 17 Trainstation, originally known as the "Terminal" featured in the E3 2002 demo of the same name. The name of the Terminal Hotel found on the Trainstation Plaza in the final game is also a leftover from that era of the game's development.


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