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Reassembly Machine

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Reassembly Machine
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Aperture Science

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"To try and make this course more exciting, I asked the Reassembly Machine to not reassemble you. He refused. I understand, that would be like asking me not to test."

The Reassembly Machine is a device reassembling and then disassembling ATLAS and P-body at the start and end of each Test Chambers, respectively.


At the end of most Test Chamberss, the robots are disassembled in order to be transported to the next chamber through the pneumatic pulls of the Pipe Network. After the components of ATLAS and P-body arrive at a destination set by GLaDOS, they are then reassembled.

Occasionally, when one or both of the robots are destroyed during testing, GLaDOS comments on how the Reassembly Machine has better things to do than to constantly reassemble the duo. GlaDOS' dialogue also frequently hints that the Reassembly Machines have a central AI.


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