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Combine Heavy Door

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Combine Heavy Door
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The Combine Heavy Door is a Combine-built door found throughout the Citadel and Nova Prospekt. Blocking access to important areas, it is operated with a command panel or a standard Combine lock.


An opened heavy door leading to a stairwell inside the Overwatch Nexus.

Heavy Doors are generally guarding something important such as an elevator or a pod access point. Although the doors can usually only be opened by Overwatch Soldiers, Alyx Vance can open them with her EMP Tool, and Barney Calhoun can open some using command panels. Heavy doors can also trigger alarms when opened depending on their importance.

The Combine Heavy Door is, for the most part, a large, movable metal wall. The door, when ordered to open, will divide itself and the bigger portion will move to the left when facing it from the outside. The bigger portion has two small, transparent windows. It is usually hard to see out of, due to it being tinted a dark shade and higher than the player's perspective.

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