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The Battery is a power source item featured in the Half-Life universe.


In Half-Life and its expansions, the protagonists who wear HEV Suits can find and pick up batteries to power up their suits. The suit generates protective armor when it has a power supply. When picked up, the suit provides a voice message to report the new power level. Adrian Shephard, as well as other Marines, can also use them to charge their Powered Combat Vests.

In Half-Life 2, Gordon Freeman's old suit was modified by Isaac Kleiner to allow the use of Combine batteries. Combine Scanners may drop Batteries when they’re destroyed.

Behind the scenes[edit]

An HEV Suit line left unused in Half-Life refers to the Battery as an HEV Power Unit. Several items were to be powered by the Battery, including the Long Jump Module, Alien Cloak and Alien Shield.[1] The Half-Life demo, Half-Life: Day One, features a different, earlier model, featured in early builds of Half-Life. It is also used as a temporary model for the Long Jump Module, with red panels instead of blue. Yet another, high-definition battery texture can be found in the Half-Life SDK.

The original, albeit smaller, model of the Battery was used as a placeholder during the development of the Half-Life 2.[2]


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