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HECU Radio

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HECU Radio
General information

Hazardous Environment Combat Unit


Combat-net radio

Used by
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"I think I saw a radio near the crash site where I found you. Perhaps you can go there and radio for help?"
Black Mesa scientist[src]

Radios are used by the HECU during the Black Mesa Incident to communicate within the Black Mesa Research Facility.


  • Commonly found at choke points or camps, it gives the HECU insight on the battlefield and status on squads or camps.
  • Gordon Freeman, Adrian Shephard and Barney Calhoun use them to listen to the HECU's tactics and next moves. Shephard will often use radios to gain vital information on other soldiers' whereabouts and what his next move should be.
  • As a HECU Marine, Shephard cannot destroy any radio, while the other playable characters can.


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