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Contraption Cube

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Contraption Cube
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Aperture Science


Calibration-based cube

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The Contraption Cube[1] is a testing element featured in the Educational Version of Portal 2.


Appearing only in the Puzzle Maker, it has adjustable mass, from 1 to 85 kilograms, elasticity, or how bouncy the cube is - from "no rebound" to "very bouncy", and friction against the floor. Information about its properties can be read by either interacting with a speech bubble connected to it, or by simply looking at it. The heavier the cube is, the bigger is the sphere inside it; same goes for friction - if the cube is set to be sticky, a sucker-like devices appear on its corners, while frictionless cube's ones are smooth. Elasticity and velocity of the cube can be read only by interacting with the speech bubble.

The default cube is frictionless, rebounds normally, and weights 40 kilograms.


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