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Combine Barricade

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Combine Barricade
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Viktor Antonov[1]

The Combine Barricade is a barrier used to regulate or completely deny access to certain areas under Combine control. It is introduced in Half-Life 2’s first chapter, Point Insertion.


  • The barricades seen in the Half-Life 2 story arc range from small Emplacement Guns emplacements that can be set up in a minute to full-sized barricades cordoning off entire streets.
  • Instead of regular windows they have a liquid-looking, solid Force Field variant that offers ample protection against weapons.
  • The doors that the large barricades have are multi-sectioned and mounted on mechanical arms.
  • Barricades are often installed at Combine security checkpoints in City 17 and sometimes have Force Fields that allow Citizens with the correct permissions through.
  • Combat style barricades often include button-controlled mechanical gates. The only way to get past these gates is to find a way around and hit the button to open it, or wait for a Combine unit to come through, kill them, and run through the door before it closes.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The WC map pack features earlier brush renditions of the Barricade, most of the time grey in color, which are often controlled by Door Towers.




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