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Combine Ordinal

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Combine Ordinal
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Combine Overwatch


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Rajia Baroudi

"We'll get it out of him. Take him to the transport!"
― Combine Ordinal[src]

The Combine Ordinal, also known as the Combine Captain and Combine Officer, is a high ranking soldier class of the Combine Overwatch introduced in Half-Life: Alyx.


Combine Ordinals act as team leaders in Combine forces, usually heading a squad of Combine Grunts alongside an individual Combine Charger or Combine Suppressor unit. They wear a dark blue outfit fitted with a medium amount of armor and carry a backpack with what appears to be a portable radio transceiver. Ordinals can deploy Manhacks to flush out hiding enemies. If an Ordinal is killed in combat, his remaining squad members will report to Overwatch over the radio that their leader is down, rendering their team tactics disordered and disorganized from then on. They carry what seems to be a predecessor of the Pulse Rifle (Although the Ordinal seen during the safehouse raid wields an SMG), Manhacks, and a pistol magazine on their vest, indicating they carry a sidearm, however they never use it. An Ordinal is seen equipped with a grenade in the announcement trailer however they are not equipped with them in-game. Their armament and armor make them threatening foes, but they are still weaker than Chargers or Suppressors.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The unused Combine Soldier model includes placeholder texture variations for several different soldier classes, among these being a "Commander" class in a yellow suit which may be an early form of the Ordinal.




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Combine Ordinal
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