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Hopwire Grenade

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This article is about the weapon cut from Half-Life 2. For the weapon cut from Episode One, see Vortex Hopwire.

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Hopwire Grenade
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The Hopwire Grenade, sometimes simply known as Hopwire,[1] is a weapon cut from Half-Life 2. It can be found in the playable Half-Life 2 leak. Although it has the same entity name, it is unrelated to the Vortex Hopwire cut from Half-Life 2: Episode One.


  • Such a weapon, once placed, leaps up into the air after several seconds and shoots out several wires which, when tripped, cause the grenade and all its tethers to detonate.
  • It was to be used by the Alien Assassin. It is likely but unsure if the player was to acquire their first Hopwire Grenades after killing an Alien Assassin.
  • As seen in the Half-Life 2 leak source code, the Hopwire Grenade was originally to be the weapon of choice against Striders,[2] replaced in Episode Two by the Magnusson Device. This is confirmed in the Episode Two commentary, in which Valve's Joshua Weier states that the Magnusson Device "started life as a Half-Life 2 weapon called the Hopwire".[1]
  • In the playable leak, the Hopwire is extremely unstable and does not work properly. If one of the wires touches a surface in the wrong way, the game will crash.
  • When held by the player, it uses the regular Grenade model. The proper model will only appear when it is thrown and can be separately viewed in the game files.


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