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Vortex Hopwire

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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This article is about the weapon cut from Episode One. For the weapon cut from Half-Life 2, see Hopwire Grenade.

Hopwire ragdolls.jpg
Vortex Hopwire
Production information


Technical specifications


Max ammo

1 to 3

Ammo type





Very long

Used by

Gordon Freeman

Game information


The Vortex Hopwire, also known as Black Hole Grenade, is an unfinished and highly unstable weapon cut from Half-Life 2: Episode One. Its proper name is unknown, as the HUD only gives "#HL2_Hopwire". It is also unknown how it was originally to fit into the storyline, although it was probably to be used against Striders (being an equivalent of their warp cannon, only more powerful), as suggested by the console codes "hopwire_strider_hits" and "hopwire_strider_kill_dist".

As of the current version of Episode One, it is no longer available to spawn. However, it still exists in Portal.


View of Vortex Hopwire being held by the player and thrown on the ground.
  • It is only obtainable through the use of the console, with the commands "hopwire_vortex 1", then "give weapon_hopwire". In maps where several Hopwires can be spawned, the crosshair must be located on it to activate it, otherwise it will spawn a second Hopwire.
  • It creates a small black hole (deforming the view as at the start of a Strider fire) that sucks in and disintegrates almost everything next to it, including the player.
  • When held by the player, it appears as the standard grenade, and a Rollermine when thrown.
  • For some reason, it will only be given to the player once per playthrough, once per saved file or once per chapter. Its maximum ammo also varies from a map to another, from 1 to 3.
  • When used on Rebels/Citizens, it does not always kill them but spawns ragdolls of them instead, while they remain alive and try to run away from the black hole (this also applies to Barney or Alyx, although in her case she dies regardless).
  • Killing Alyx with it does not always end the game.
  • It randomly crashes the game in most of the situations.
  • Although it has the same entity name, it is unrelated to the Hopwire Grenade cut from Half-Life 2.
  • The Black Hole Gun, originally designed for Quiver, was probably to produce similar effects.


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  1. Of note is that the Combine Soldier previously killed by the player was sucked with its weapon, while the Zombie already dead at the start of the map did not disappear. Furthermore the junk crates are gone, while the Supply Crate and the health vial stayed. The dead Metrocop was sucked as well but remained as he was stuck by the pole and the truck. The HUD also indicates that a nearby Rebel was killed by the Hopwire.

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