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Socket Wrench

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Alyx wrench.jpg
Socket Wrench
Production information

Tool/melee weapon

Used by

Alyx Vance

Game information



Dhabih Eng (appearance)[1][2]

The Socket Wrench[2] is a weapon cut from Half-Life 2.


Promotional artwork for Half-Life 2 that was also featured in Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar shows that Alyx was to wield a unique melee weapon in the form of a socket wrench. The intention was to give her an iconic weapon in the same vein of the crowbar used by Gordon.[2] This would have been in line with her character being more of a tinkering mechanic.[1] The team ultimately did not follow through with this idea past this artwork.[2] However, she did receive the unique "Alyx's Gun" weapon in the end.

In the final game, Alyx's model still possesses sockets attached to her belt, as originally seen in the initial artwork.


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