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General information

Four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft

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"There's a cargo plane coming for you, Freeman, but God only knows how long it'll take to get here—if it makes it through at all. Once we get you aboard, you can take those chips back to City 17."
Captain Vance[src]

The C-130 is a Combine turned Resistance cargo plane cut from Half-Life 2.[1]


According to the vignette Weather Control featured in Raising the Bar, the C-130 (referred to as "cargo plane") was to land in the Weather Control area during or after its assault led by Captain Vance and his Conscripts, Gordon Freeman, and Vance's daughter Alyx.[2]

Gordon and Alyx were to board it to return to City 17 during the battle with "chips" of an unknown nature, and crash into the Skyscraper in City 17.[2] As found in the Half-Life 2 leak files, Alyx was to be hurt in the crash, and would ask Gordon to find her father already fighting on the street, in his headquarters. This suggests a change in the storyline from the vignette Weather Control to the more recent leak files, since it has Vance heading back to City 17 earlier and by other means than that of Gordon and Alyx, since he is already busy in his headquarters when they crash.[3] Parts of that journey to Vance consist of the Skyscraper chapter itself, various street battles and the sniper scene.[4]

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • No related files for the C-130 exist in the leaked files.
  • According to sound files for the Skyscraper found in the Half-Life 2 leak files, Combine soldier chatter indicates the C-130 was later replaced by a chopper.[3] The Half-Life 2 leak files also feature models and textures of parts of an Osprey, which is likely the kind of chopper it was to be.

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