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Vance Headquarters

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Vance Headquarters
General information

City 17


Combine occupation

Game information



Aaron Barber (level design)[1]

"I'm hurt. Can't move. Go on without me. Find my father. There's an emergency bunker near the inner gates. He'll be in command there. Tell him I... Run!"
Alyx Vance[src]

Vance Headquarters[1] is a City 17 location cut from Half-Life 2. It was to be headed by Captain Vance.


Near Vance Headquarters, with APCs, Metrocops, a Crab Synth and the Citadel inner wall on the left.

As seen in the WC map pack map VanceHQ ("Vance Headquarters"), from February 2001,[1] Captain Vance was to have his headquarters in an "emergency bunker"[2] near the inner gates of the Citadel outer wall during the City 17 uprising following the destruction of the Air Exchange.

A very incomplete map, VanceHQ includes, among others, an empty building and an underground parking (likely the headquarters themselves, since it is the only building than can be visited), with four brush VAB APCs on the street and in the parking. As seen in the skybox of the map c17_04_23, it also includes the huge Citadel concrete outer wall, as well as the so-called "inner gates", therefore locating the headquarters quite close to the Citadel.[1]

Early Alyx sound files (made by another actress than Merle Dandridge) found in the Half-Life 2 leak files indicates that after the crash in the Skyscraper Alyx was to be hurt and unable to move and tell Gordon to find an "emergency bunker near the inner gates" where her father was to be "in command".[2] This bunker is likely the main building of VanceHQ. It is therefore likely that some meeting would have taken place there, Vance learning of his daughter being in danger.


Parts of the map are present in early Manhack Arcade maps, such as c17_05_05 (January 2001), before being replaced by the subsequent versions.