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Central Zoo

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HLA Zoo01.jpg
Central Zoo
General information

Before the Seven Hour War


After the Uprising


Quarantine Zone, City 17, Europe, Earth


Combine occupation

Game information


"Russ? Do you think a headcrab could turn a gorilla into a zombie?"
Alyx Vance[src]

The Central Zoo is a location in Half-Life: Alyx featured in the chapter Captivity.


In the Quarantine Zone, after leaving the Distillery, Alyx Vance opens a large Combine seal embedded in the ground to enter a previously cordoned off zoo. Deserted long ago, the Xen infestation has been left unchecked in the facility which is now swarming with Antlions. Many of the zoo's former staff members were zombified by the roving Headcrabs and still roam the exhibits. As the habitats are now all emptied and in complete disarray, the previously housed animals have either long escaped or did not survive the ensuing chaos of the Portal Storms and the Combine invasion. The skeletal remains of some animals are still present on the grounds.

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life: Alyx
Achievement Sea Level.jpg Sea Level
Reach the aquatic exhibits.


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