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Section A-17 Prototype Labs

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Section A-17 Prototype Labs
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200-, during the Black Mesa Incident


Black Mesa Research Facility


Black Mesa Incident


Black Mesa

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Section A-17 Prototype Labs is a Black Mesa Research Facility location featured in Half-Life: Blue Shift.


Section A-17 Prototype Labs is an abandoned area located beneath the Freight Yard. It contains the Displacement Field Labs and the Auxiliary Generator that powers the area. The lab was used for very early work on teleport technology, long before the Lambda Complex was even built. Dr Rosenberg and his friends, with the help of Barney Calhoun, use the teleporter to teleport outside of the facility and escape.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The unused dialog suggests that the area was to be visited in Decay. In the finale mission, Rift, the players temporarily caught in harmonic reflux. During that time, they can hear Rosenberg and see Barney Calhoun jumping into the portal that leads him back to Earth. It is suggested that one of the characters was to briefly appear in the labs and surprise Rosenberg.

There is a multiplayer map called Power Struggle, based on the labs in Opposing Force.


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