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Unannounced Half-Life project

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Unannounced Half-Life project
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In 2011, an unannounced Half-Life project was discovered by fans. Aside from having been cancelled, little is known about this title or what it was intended to be.


In June 2010, Electronic Arts Montreal artist Randy Humphries posts galleries of concept art for several cancelled games on his now-deleted Coroflot profile including six pieces of artwork for what appears to be a cancelled Half-Life project.[1] They are simply labeled "half life concept - canceled project" with no further context or explanation. These were discovered and publicized by a user on the NeoGAF forums on March 21, 2011.[2] They portray a Combine-occupied city very similar to the setting in Half-Life 2, specifically depicting a canal, railway tracks along a canal with a Force Field in the distance, an apartment building interior, a location designated as "Haven", and two unknown characters, one of which is a Metrocop-like unit with an armband bearing the text "C17" and wielding a weapon similar to a Stun Baton. Outside of this concept art, no other information regarding this project has been revealed.


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