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Probe Droid

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Probe Droid
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The Probe Droid is an insect-like flying NPC found in the leaked Half-Life Alpha. It is used to demonstrate skeletal animation.


In the alpha, the Probe Droid can be found in the demonstration map techdemo where it is used to showcase the GoldSrc engine's skeletal animation capabilities. It does not possess AI or any other functioning abilities. Its name can be derived from the entity title, monster_probedroid, and the model name, prdroid.mdl. Made of a beige/brown colored shell, it has a single protruding blue and purple eye at the front[1] and is equipped with a mechanical engine[1] attached at the rear of its underside. An ovipositor-like tube[1] projects from the engine with a "dart shooter" in the center[1] and two wiry arms to the side. It also has a rigid tail connected to the engine's rear.

As seen in the model animations and texture names, the Droid was to defend itself with its dart shooter. However, no dart model is present in the files. It was also apparently to be able to plug in the shooter. An idle animation depicts it cleaning its eye with its claws, similar to a fly.


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