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Half-Life 2: Survivor (Battle Mode)

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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Menu images of the Battle mode.

The Battle Mode is one of the three game modes of Half-Life 2: Survivor. It is the main Survivor's game mode, featuring most of the custom made content, which includes 5 playable characters with a total of 50 various weapons and items available to them, as well as 14 maps to play on.


Players are divided in two teams, red and blue, with four players in each. The main objective is either to earn more points than the enemy team within the 5 minute time limit, or to earn a total of 25,000 points. Team points are awarded for dealing damage to enemy players. Players drop dog tags upon death, enemy dog tags can be picked up to recover 25 points of both health and suit charge, a certain amount of team points is also given depending on the submode and the killed player. Friendly fire is disabled, but explosions and some of the weapons deal damage to both teams.

Five playable characters with different stats and equipment are available: Ranger, Soldier, Sniper, Engineer and Medic. Each character can be either male or female and belong to Combine or Resistance faction, however unlike the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, in which Combine and Resistance forces are matched against each other, Survivor allows both teams to have players of any faction.

Each player can only use the weapons they start with, no other weapons can be picked up during the game. Available weapons depend on the character and faction, additional equipment can be obtained by leveling up or through the in-game shop. Each map contains several resupply cabinets which provide infinite supply of primary ammunition (bullets for the SMG and Pulse Rifle). Ammunition is not replenished on respawn and is therefore limited for most of the game's weapons, additional ammunition for many weapons can be obtained from the Special Magazine, which is itself also limited.


Four submodes are available in the Battle Mode:

  • In the Tutorial submode the player is guided through the game's basics and then enters a match against four computer-controlled enemies. All dog tags award 200 team points, team points can also be earned by completing the tutorial's objectives.
  • The Single submode allows a single player to battle against a team of zero to four computer-controlled enemies of selectable difficulty. No bots are present in the player's team. The amount of team points awarded for the enemy dog tags depends on the number of enemy bots:
Number of bots 1 2 3 4
Points 500 1000 1500 2000
  • The National submode allowed eight players to play against each other in two teams of four, empty slots would be filled with bots if there were not enough players. This is also the only submode in which Battle Points could be earned to advance the player's class, which granted additional equipment and was used to match together the players based on their skill. As of the network service shutdown it is only playable with bots. The amount of team points awarded for the enemy dog tags depends on the killed player's class and is cut in half for bots:
Points Human 600 1000 500 900 900 1000 700 800 900 1000
Bot 300 500 250 450 450 500 350 400 450 500
  • The Local submode allowed the players from the same store to play together. As of the network service shutdown this submode can no longer be selected. The amount of team points awarded for the enemy dog tags depends on the killed player's class and is cut in half for bots:
Points Human 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Bot 250 300 350 400 450 500 500 500 500 500

Status effects[edit]

The Battle Mode includes several status effects — special conditions that can be applied to the players, usually by special weapons or items, that affect their performance in a positive or negative way.[1] These conditions are temporary and will be removed after a certain amount of time or player's death. Many of these effects may also be cured by water or the Recovery Injection, an item used by the Medic.


The radar, as seen in the Survivor 2.0.

The radar is a circled area located in the middle of the screen, around the crosshair. The radar's border shows approximate positions of the enemies. It is divided in four segments, each representing a direction. Each segment's color will increase its brightness based on the number of enemies in that direction, or will stay transparent if there are none. If the enemies are near the player, the inner part of the radar will begin to glow, but no further information about their position will be provided.

Different icons marking exact positions of the players from both teams may also appear on the radar:

  • Rader circle red.png Rader circle blue.png — Enemies
    • Most of the ranged weapons cause players to become visible on the enemy radar for a short amount of time after firing.
    • Players affected by the paint and marking status effects, as well as the players standing close to an enemy Wave Canceller, will have their position constantly visible on the enemy radar,
    • Decoy Bombs are also visible on the enemy radar, but only the bombs themselves, not the player that threw them.
  • Rader triangle blue.png Rader triangle red.png — Teammates
    • Teammate positions are always visible on the radar, with the arrows pointing in directions they are looking.
  • Rader triangle effect.png Rader circle effect.png — Players using certain radio commands
    • Some radio commands allow players to mark their position on their or enemy team's radar for a short amount of time. They will be indicated by their corresponding icons with animated waves coming off them.
    • Unlike all the other icons, these do not use the normal team colors, but instead appear in green for teammates and pink for enemies.
  • Rader square red.png Rader square blue.png — Dog tags
    • Dog tags are always shown on both team's radars.

Playable characters[edit]

The Battle Mode offers five different playable characters with their own unique appearance, stats and available equipment:

  • The Ranger is a general-purpose combat character with the highest movement speed, who mostly specializes in close range combat, but also has some long range weapons available.
  • The Soldier has access to the most powerful weapons, such as rocket launchers and minigun, the suit also offers better protection.
  • The Sniper uses sniper rifles to take out enemies from a long distance.
  • The Engineer is a support character who mostly uses special items to help the team, and also possesses the Gravity Gun, which can be useful in several ways.
  • The Medic offers additional ways to recover the health and suit charge of the players, and also has multiple weapons that inflict negative status effects to the enemies.

All characters have male and female variants, which differ only by appearance, and can also be of Combine or Resistance faction. The Combine characters have higher firing accuracy, but the Resistance characters have a slightly higher ammo capacity for their weapons. They also use different melee (Crowbar and Stunstick α) and primary (SMG and Pulse Rifle) weapons. The third weapon from the initial equipment is also different, but each faction can obtain the other faction's one by reaching the D-Class. Some of the additional equipment items are also unique to a single faction, with Resistance characters using mostly defensive items, while the Combine prefer more offensive ones.

The stats of all the characters are following:[2]

Character Faction Mobility[?] Equipment[?] Shooting
Ranger Resistance 5 3.5 3 3
Ranger Combine 5 3 3.5 3
Soldier Resistance 2 5 2 5
Soldier Combine 2 4.5 2.5 5
Sniper Resistance 4 2.5 4.5 2
Sniper Combine 4 2 5 2
Engineer Resistance 3 2.5 2.5 3
Engineer Combine 3 2 3 3
Medic Resistance 3 3 2.5 2
Medic Combine 3 2.5 3 2

Note: these are the stats that are displayed in the menu and on the official website, not the ones used in the game. They do not precisely indicate how much a certain character is better than another, they are mostly used to indicate just who is better.

Weapons and items[edit]

The Battle Mode features all 12 weapons from the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, and adds another 38 new and unique only to the Battle Mode, making it a total of 50 weapons and usable items available to the players.[3]


The Battle Mode features 14 playable maps,[4] two of which are modified Half-Life 2: Deathmatch maps and 12 were created specially for the Half-Life 2: Survivor. Most maps are based on the different locations visited during the Half-Life 2 storyline.

Unlike Half-Life 2: Deathmatch or Half-Life with its expansions, all Half-Life 2: Survivor's online servers were always running the same map, which was changed once per week. Occasionally random map weeks were announced, usually on holidays or other special events; during a random map week the map changed every day. Map schedules for both normal and random map weeks were decided based on map popularity votes.

Picture Name Description
Water Gate.jpg Water Gate Based on the Gate 5.
Lockdown Survivor.jpg Lockdown Modified Deathmatch map, based on the Nova Prospekt map "d2_prison_03", where the Antlion Guard attack occurs in the showers and bathrooms.
Truss Bridge.jpg Truss Bridge Based on the railroad bridge in the Highway 17.
Collapse City.jpg Collapse City Based on the last map from Follow Freeman!.
Sunset Coast.jpg Sunset Coast Based on the area between the Ravenholm and Shorepoint Base, where the snipers are encountered for the first time.
Grit Lake.jpg Grit Lake Original map using assets from various Highway 17 and Sandtraps levels. Visibility is severely limited due to a sandstorm.
Lost Town.jpg Lost Town Original map using assets from various Ravenholm maps.
Dark Fortress.jpg Dark Fortress Based on the entrance to the Nova Prospekt, where the player fights two Combine Gunships.
Station C17.jpg Station C17 Based on the City 17 Trainstation.
Nexus Building.jpg Nexus Building Original map inspired by the Citadel.
Silent Sanctuary.jpg Silent Sanctuary Original map set in the overgrown ruins of an ancient temple.
Steam Lab Survivor.jpg Steam Lab Modified Deathmatch map, inspired by the Kleiner's Lab and Black Mesa East.
Combine's Nest.jpg Combine's Nest Based on the Overwatch Nexus (interior).
Last Garden.jpg Last Garden Based on the Overwatch Nexus (outside).

When maps were to be updated, new revisions were added instead of rewriting the existing files. As a result, the final version contains 68 Battle Mode map files comprised of 14 maps with 8 revisions.

Map list with file names
File name Map Revision Last modified
battle_01 Water Gate 1.0 July 28, 2006
battle_02 Lockdown 1.0 May 29, 2006
battle_03 Truss Bridge 1.0 October 3, 2006
battle_04 Collapse City 1.0 October 3, 2006
battle_05 Sunset Coast 1.0 October 16, 2006
battle_06 Water Gate 1.1 October 13, 2006
battle_07 Lockdown 1.1 October 20, 2006
battle_08 Truss Bridge 1.1 October 19, 2006
battle_09 Collapse City 1.1 October 19, 2006
battle_10 Sunset Coast 1.1 October 20, 2006
battle_11 Grit Lake 1.11 January 16, 2007
battle_12 LostTown 1.11 February 1, 2007
battle_16 Water Gate 1.11 January 10, 2007
battle_17 Lockdown 1.11 January 13, 2007
battle_18 Truss Bridge 1.11 January 10, 2007
battle_19 Collapse City 1.11 January 10, 2007
battle_20 Sunset Coast 1.11 January 10, 2007
battle_21 Water Gate 1.2 August 5, 2008
battle_22 Lockdown 1.2 August 5, 2008
battle_23 Truss Bridge 1.2 August 5, 2008
battle_24 Collapse City 1.2 April 14, 2007
battle_25 Sunset Coast 1.2 March 20, 2008
battle_26 Grit Lake 1.2 August 5, 2008
battle_27 LostTown 1.2 August 5, 2008
battle_28 Dark Fortress 1.2 August 5, 2008
battle_31 Water Gate 2.1 February 13, 2008
battle_32 Lockdown 2.1 February 13, 2008
battle_33 Truss Bridge 2.1 February 13, 2008
battle_34 Collapse City 2.1 February 13, 2008
battle_35 Sunset Coast 2.1 August 5, 2008
battle_36 Grit Lake 2.1 February 13, 2008
battle_37 LostTown 2.1 February 13, 2008
battle_38 Dark Fortress 2.1 February 13, 2008
battle_50 Station C17 2.0 August 24, 2007
battle_51 Nexus Building 2.0 September 19, 2007
battle_52 Silent Sanctuary 2.0 September 1, 2007
battle_53 SteamLab 2.1 February 13, 2008
battle_54 Combine's Nest 2.1 February 13, 2008
battle_60 Station C17 2.1 August 5, 2008
battle_61 Nexus Building 2.1 February 13, 2008
battle_62 Silent Sanctuary 2.1 February 13, 2008
battle_71 Water Gate 2.11 August 5, 2008
battle_72 Lockdown 2.11 August 5, 2008
battle_73 Truss Bridge 2.11 August 5, 2008
battle_74 Collapse City 2.11 December 17, 2008
battle_75 Sunset Coast 2.11 August 5, 2008
battle_76 Grit Lake 2.11 August 5, 2008
battle_77 LostTown 2.11 August 5, 2008
battle_78 Dark Fortress 2.11 August 5, 2008
battle_79 Station C17 2.11 August 5, 2008
battle_80 Nexus Building 2.11 December 17, 2008
battle_81 Silent Sanctuary 2.11 August 5, 2008
battle_82 SteamLab 2.11 August 5, 2008
battle_83 Combine's Nest 2.11 August 5, 2008
battle_91 Water Gate 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_92 Lockdown 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_93 Truss Bridge 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_94 Collapse City 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_95 Sunset Coast 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_96 Grit Lake 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_97 LostTown 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_98 Dark Fortress 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_99 Station C17 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_100 Nexus Building 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_101 Silent Sanctuary 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_102 SteamLab 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_103 Combine's Nest 2.2 April 7, 2009
battle_104 Last Garden 2.2 April 7, 2009


On release, the available inventory consisted of the weapons already seen in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and 7 new weapons: Smoke Grenade, Sniper Rifle, Fire Grenade, Paint Gun, Shake Trap, Provisional Shield and Spark Generator. Water Gate and Lockdown were the first playable maps included in the game.

Battle Mode's first updates focused solely on the maps. First, Collapsed City, Truss Bridge and Sunset Coast were added. Several updates were made to the maps, each time a new revision number was added and all of the existing maps were updated to that revision, in some revisions new ones were also added: revision 1.1 did not introduce any new maps, Grit Lake and LostTown were added in revision 1.11, and revision 1.2 added Dark Fortress.

Survivor 2.0 update was released on November 29, 2007, introducing significant gameplay changes. A new Medic playable character was added, all of the existing characters had their equipment reorganized, Survivor Gold in-game currency was introduced. A total of 22 new weapons became available: Poison Crossbow, Recovery Injection, Stun Sniper Rifle, Dual Enhanced Pistols, Silenced Enhanced Pistol, Gatling Gun, Laser Rifle, Double-barreled shotgun, Energy Battery, Capture Grenade, Poison Grenade, Whiteout Grenade, Mind Drink, Power Drink, Special Magazine, Health Charge Disk, Hand Shield, Tornado Trap, Sentry Gun, Wave Canceller, Stungun and Pulse Knife. Finally, three new maps were added: Station C17, Silent Sanctuary and Nexus Building. Update 2.0 and all the further updates also featured various balance adjustments.

Update 2.02 was released on February 13 of 2008,[5] it updated the game's maps to revision 2.1 and added two new maps: Steam Lab and Combine's Nest. Update 2.04, released on August 5 of 2008,[5] updated all maps to revision 2.11. Update 2.05 was released on December 17, 2008[5] all of the existing purchasable weapons had their price reduced and 9 new were added to the item store: Jump Drink, Charge Bow, Dual RPG, Surprise Box, Decoy Bomb, Powershake, Energy Injection, Timer Grenade and Marking Sniper Rifle. Update 2.07 was released on April 7, 2009,[5] it updated the maps to revision 2.2 and added Last Garden.



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