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Invisible Suit

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The Invisible Suit,[2] also known as the I-Suit, is an item (used as a weapon game-wise) in Half-Life 2: Survivor. This item is not mentioned on the official Survivor website or any other resources prior to the public availability of the game's content dump in 2013, suggesting that it was never used in the official battle mode. As such the only way to obtain it is by using the debug_equip_weapon 1 console command on the PC version. Files related to the item were last modified on February 13, 2008,[3] indicating that it might have been added in the 2.02 update.[4]


When used, the Invisible Suit applies the Invisibility status effect to the player. This effect allows the player to become partially invisible for a limited time of up to 20 seconds, however the weapons that the player is holding can still be seen, with the exception of the invisible suit itself. The player can move and attack freely while invisible, but taking any form of damage will cancel the invisibility effect. The invisibility can last for up to 20 seconds. Activation and deactivation of the Invisible Suit is accompanied by sparks and electrical noises.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Console variables allow adjusting movement speed and jump power bonuses given to invisible players, but all of the bonuses are set to 0 by default.


  • Enemy bots will attack invisible players only if they have seen the player activating the Invisible Suit or using their weapons while invisible.
  • The Spark Generator will target and attack invisible players, the Sentry Gun, however, won't, and will immediately stop firing when the player activates the Invisible Suit.
  • Traps (the Powershake, the Shake Trap, the S.L.A.M and the Tornado Trap) can still be activated by invisible players.
  • Players cannot activate the Invisible Suit while painted. They can, however, use it while under the effects of paralysis, marking or any of the drinks, but the visual effects will reveal their position to enemies.


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