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Spark Generator

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Spark Generator
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Game information
  • weapon_sgene_mp
    (weapon entity)
  • item_ammo_sparkgenerator (ammo entity)
  • npc_sgene (thrown)

The Spark Generator, also known as the S-Generator, is a weapon in the Battle Mode of Half-Life 2: Survivor, included with the game on release. It is unlocked for the Sniper by reaching AA-Class, and is also available for purchase to the Soldier for 7,000 SG.


Similarly to many of the grenades, the Spark Generator can be thrown in two ways: primary attack can be used to throw it over medium distances, secondary drops it near the player. Although it is larger and heavier than grenades, it can still be thrown for medium distances, but not as far as the grenades.

After being thrown and landing on the ground, the Spark Generator will wait for an enemy player to come nearby, and if there is, it will activate and attempt to roll closer to that enemy. If the distance between the Spark Generator and the enemy player is short enough, the Spark Generator will jump up and attach itself to that enemy. It will also attach when thrown directly at an enemy.

Attached Spark Generator quickly drains the player's suit power, while also shaking the screen, making it difficult to attack the Spark Generator or other players. It is able to drain up to 70 points of suit charge,[1] and will explode after that, or after draining all the available charge. If the target enemy already has no suit charge, it will explode immediately after attaching. The explosion is is very weak, and deals up to 5 points of damage,[1] which will usually get absorbed by the suit if it still has some charge left.


  • The fact that the Spark Generator detects enemy players within a certain range allows it to be used to warn teammates about approaching enemies.
  • It can be easily hidden under water, but only at a small depth.
  • The Spark Generator is easily destroyed by shooting at it, but for the purposes of detaching it from players the Engineer's Gravity Gun is more useful.


  • The Spark Generator is based on the Rollermines from Half-Life 2, which attach to the player's car in the same way in which the Spark Generator attaches to players. It re-uses rollermine's sound effects, and uses similar, but less detailed model, and also appears much smaller in-game.
  • It will explode if it is put under water and exceeds a certain depth.
  • Being stepped on, even by the friendly players, will also cause it to explode.


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