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Boot Camp (multiplayer map)

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BootCamp Courtyard.jpg
Boot Camp

Dario Casali[1]

Game mode(s)
  • Deathmatch
  • Teamplay
  • bootcamp
  • op4_bootcamp

Boot Camp is a map in the multiplayer mode of Half-Life and Half-Life: Opposing Force. It was included with both games on their releases.


Behind the scenes[edit]


Boot Camp was originally created as a singleplayer map, but was cut following the game's significant reworking in late 1997. It was to be used as a military camp by the HECU Marines in the map c2a5.[2] Although cut from the game, some of the set pieces are still featured in the chapter Surface Tension in the final game. The exterior of the Santego Military Base featured in Opposing Force appears to be based on the multiplayer version of the map.


The multiplayer version of the map was originally designed for a game mode called Loot, that was cut from the game. The mode needed a large map and different areas to fight in and explore. It started with teams of two people shared items and damage, and they had to hunt around the level for a bag of loot, as well as weapons. The players could only carry one weapon. When the loot is found, the players had to bring it back to the flag pole area to win the round. Killed players had to wait for the next round to spawn again. Since the company didn't have enough time to code multiplayer game modes, the level was converted to a regular deathmatch level.[3]

The name of the map is hlmp4 in the leaked Half-Life: Source map pack (hl-wc-maps). This may be the original title of the map. Unlike other multiplayer maps, it doesn't use "dm" (deathmatch) prefix in its filename.

Like other multiplayer maps created by Dario Casali, his signature can be found in the map using the noclip mode.