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Tornado Trap

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Tornado Trap
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Combine Soldier (CU)

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The Tornado Trap, also known as the T-Trap, is an unlockable weapon in the Battle Mode of Half-Life 2: Survivor, awarded to the Combine Soldier after reaching A-Class. It was added to the game in the Survivor 2.0 update,[1] which was released on November 29, 2007.[2] The Resistance Soldier uses the Whiteout Grenade instead.


The primary attack can be used to throw the Tornado Trap for a short distance, like the secondary mode of the S.L.A.M. After the thrown Tornado Trap falls on a surface and stops moving, it becomes immune to all forms of damage and can not be moved unless it's pushed by physics objects. After that, the trap becomes invisible, but its position is indicated to teammates by a flashing "TRAP!" text with an arrow pointing towards it.

When a player steps on the placed tornado trap, they get thrown upwards, with a force enough to quickly reach the height of the skybox. The player then falls down and suffers from fall damage. Since the fall damage bypasses suit protection, a large amount of damage can be dealt. If the Tornado Trap is used indoors, the player will also take damage from impact with the ceiling. Ceiling damage can range from 20 to 60 points,[3] but unlike the fall damage, it may be reduced by the suit.

Unlike other traps, the Tornado Trap can also be set off by teammates.


  • Since the trap is set off by teammates and the player who placed it, it can also be used for reaching high places on some of the maps.
  • The trap can be bypassed by jumping over it. This will set it off, but the player will not be affected.

Behind the scenes[edit]

It appears that the Tornado Trap was originally also to be usable by the Sniper, as battle.cfg states that the Combine Sniper should be able to carry 4 tornado traps.


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