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Provisional Shield

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Provisional Shield
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The Provisional Shield, also known as the P-Shield, is an unlockable item (used as a weapon game-wise) in the Battle Mode of Half-Life 2: Survivor, which is obtained by reaching C-Class as Sniper or AA-Class as Engineer. It was included with the game on release.


Primary fire creates blue-colored semi-transparent floating shield in front of the player. This shield can absorb up to 100 points of damage, and can be used to take cover from enemy fire. By holding the secondary fire, the player is able to charge the shield, making it more durable and able to withstand up to 200 points of damage at maximum charge. Charged shield appears yellow in color and takes away some amount of player's suit charge, which depends on shield's charge level. If the player uses secondary mode with no charge left in the suit, shield will still appear to be charging, but regular blue shield will be placed instead. After taking damage, shields gradually become more transparent, and finally break and disappear completely. Shields also disappear after one minute after placement, even if they have not been damaged.


  • It was intended that a single player could not have more than three shields active at the same time, with the first shield disappearing upon placement of the fourth. However, due to a programming bug, if a fifth shield is placed immediately after the fourth, while the first hasn't finished its disappearance sequence, the second shield will stay active. Because of that, it is possible to have four active shields when playing as the Sniper and five when playing as the Engineer.
  • Shields completely block bullet damage and mostly absorb explosive damage, but some projectile-based weapons can pass through completely, without reduction of their damage or damaging the shield. These weapons include Crossbow, the Poison Crossbow, the Charge Bow and physics objects, such as thrown weapons and props launched from the Gravity Gun. Grenades launched from SMG also pass through, rockets, energy balls and thrown Pulse Knives, however, do not.
  • Weapons that can be placed on the walls, such as the S.L.A.M, the Powershake, and the Wave Canceller, can also be placed on shields, but will explode shortly after disappearance of the shield.
  • Shields can be painted with the Paint Gun, thus reducing visibility of players behind them.


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