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Whiteout Grenade

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This article is about Half-Life 2: Survivor weapon. For cut Half-Life weapon, see Flash Grenade.

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Whiteout Grenade.png
Whiteout Grenade
Production information



Stun grenade

Technical specifications
Max ammo


Ammo type




Rate of fire



N/A (thrown)



Used by

Resistance Soldier (CU)

Game information
  • weapon_wgr_mp
    (weapon entity)
  • npc_whitegrenade_frag (thrown)

The Whiteout Grenade, also known as the W-Grenade, is a weapon in the Battle Mode of Half-Life 2: Survivor that can be unlocked for the Resistance Soldier by reaching A-Class. It was added to the game in the Survivor 2.0 update,[1] which was released on November 29, 2007.[2] The Combine Soldier uses the Tornado Trap instead.


Similarly to the Fragmentation Grenade, the Whiteout Grenade can be thrown in two ways: it can be thrown over medium distances by using the primary attack, while the secondary attack rolls it. It also has the Fragmentation Grenade's chirping timer and red blinking light. Explosion of the Whiteout Grenade does not deal any damage.

After the explosion, the grenade produces a bright flash of light, blinding all nearby players and applying the whiteout status effect. When blinded, the player's screen turns completely white, except for the HUD. All players within a certain range from the explosion will be blinded, even the ones standing behind walls without any way to see the explosion. The whiteout time, however, will be different depending on their position and orientation.

The whiteout consists of three periods: fade-out, during which the player loses vision, blindness, during which the player can not see anything, and fade-in, during which the player regains vision. The fade-out period always takes 0.5 seconds. If there is a direct line of sight between the player and explosion, the blindness period can take up to a maximum of 4 seconds, and fade-in may take up to a maximum of 3. If there is no direct line of sight, fade-in can reach a minimum of 0.5 seconds, while the blindness period may be removed completely.[3] Thus the whiteout may take anywhere from 1 to 7.5 seconds. Whiteout is one of the few status effects that can not be cured with the Recovery Injection.

Behind the scenes[edit]

It appears that the Whiteout Grenade was originally also to be usable by Sniper, as battle.cfg states that the Resistance Sniper should be able to carry 4 Whiteout Grenades.


When thrown under water, the Whiteout Grenade will explode after the timer runs out, but will not produce the flash.


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