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Stun Sniper Rifle

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Stun Sniper Rifle.png
Stun Sniper Rifle
Production information

Sniper rifle

Technical specifications


Magazine/reload type

1 round

Max ammo
Rate of fire


Projectile speed


  • High (scoped)
  • Low (unscoped)

All distances (best overall for long range)

Used by
Game information


The Stun Sniper Rifle, also known as the S-S-Rifle, is a weapon in the Battle Mode of Half-Life 2: Survivor, which can be purchased by Sniper for 80,000 SG, and is also awarded for reaching B-Class as Medic. It was added to the game in the Survivor 2.0 update,[1] which was released on November 29, 2007.[2]


Like all the other Survivor's sniper rifles, the Stun Sniper Rifle features a scope with two selectable zoom modes (in comparison, the Crossbow's magnification lies somewhere between them). The secondary attack is used to toggle the scope and switch between the zoom modes. The Stun Sniper Rifle is one of the weakest weapons in Half-Life 2: Survivor, the others being the Marking Sniper Rifle and the Paint Gun, which makes it ineffective as a weapon. Instead, it is used because of its ability to stun the enemy players.

The Stun Sniper Rifle applies the Paralysis status effect to the hit enemies. While under the effects of Paralysis, the player's movement speed and jump power are reduced by 40% and 60% respectively.[3] The effect disappears after 8 seconds, but can be cured faster by using the Recovery Injection, submerging in water or picking up enemy dog tags; it will also get removed after the player's death.


  • Even though the damage dealt by the Stun Sniper Rifle is too low for it to be used to kill other players, it can be used to detonate the placed S.L.A.Ms, Powershakes and Wave Cancellers if no other weapons are available.
  • The Stun Sniper Rifle's bullets have a long needle on the end.


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