This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Automatic Turret

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Ceiling turret bm.jpg
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Automatic Turret
Production information

Black Mesa


Static automatic turret

  • 50/50/60 (Big Turret)
  • 40/40/50 (Mini Turret)


Used by

N/A (automatic)

Game information
  • monster_turret
  • monster_miniturret

Les Betterley[1]

"Be careful. As long as those sentry guns are active, it's suicide to go out there. But it is the only way to the surface. You're going to have to destroy them."

The Automatic Turret[2] is a sentry weapon used by Black Mesa in its facility for security.


The Automatic Turret comes in two variants: the tri-barreled gun (that appears in Half-Life only) and a smaller single-barreled gun (that appears in both Half-Life and Decay). The Big Automatic Turret makes its only appearance at the entrance of the Lambda Complex. It can be activated by using the computer or the fuse box located at the security checkpoint.

Automatic Turrets are seen in several places within the Black Mesa Research Facility concealed within the ceiling in an armored cupola. They were set possibly to deal with potential escaped specimens, or are perhaps a leftover from the facility's days as a military missile complex. Some deploy automatically when sighting a target, and some are controlled by nearby levers on connected fuse boxes.[2] When a lever is available, the player can use it to activate or deactivate the gun at will. If not, the turret can be disabled with explosives or gunfire.

The Automatic Turrets do not distinguish friends from foes. Therefore, they will attack anything in range, including all Black Mesa personnel as well as Xen creatures.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Although it's never used in the game, the turrets can be mounted on floors.[3]



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