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SMG (Half-Life: Alyx)

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

HLA SMG 01.png
Production information





Sub-Machine Gun

Technical specifications

30 (Alyx), 45 (Grunts)

Ammo type

Power cells

Rate of fire





Short to medium

Used by
Game information
  • item_hlvr_weapon_
    rapidfire (Alyx)
  • weapon_smg1 (Grunts)
"Alyx! It's your lucky day! That Combine weapon's unbonded!"

The Combine SMG is one of three weapons wielded by Alyx Vance in Half-Life: Alyx.


The Combine SMG is a rapid-fire compact dark energy pulse weapon that can be easily wielded with one hand. Like other Combine pulse weaponry, the SMG uses dark energy cells as ammunition, and it incorporates the same firing mechanism with the Pulse Rifle: when firing, a pin in the receiver repeatedly strikes the rear of the chambered cell, releasing bolts of dark energy which act as projectiles. The rear of the power cells integrates an ammo counter in the form of a red ring that slowly depletes with firing. If empty, the weapon will emit a red light in its chamber. When not in use, the cells are connected to separable holding devices which are discarded after loading. At first, the cells are loaded one at a time by plugging them into the weapon, but when upgraded with the extended magazine, they can be first placed into the magazine-which can hold up to three cells at once-and then automatically loaded successively after the chambered cell is emptied, much like the Pulse Rifle. The player's extended magazine also comes with an unusable energy ball launcher. The SMG operates in full-auto with a very high rate of fire. A single shot may not deal much damage, but continuous fire can bring down most foes in mere moments.

An alternate variant of this weapon appears to be the standard issue firearm of Combine Grunts. Its offensive capabilities are largely identical to that of the player's version, however it bears several exterior differences: by default it comes with an extended magazine (albeit without the energy orb launcher), an iron sight, and a much larger barrel shroud with a yellow canister attached to its inner side. It also features a somewhat sleeker appearance, with most of the exposed firing and loading mechanisms seen on Alyx's SMG covered by plating. Combine Grunts usually fire their weapon in short bursts with decent accuracy, with automatic fire only happening in scripted events or at point blank range.

As stated by Russell, the SMGs are "gene-encoded" like all other Combine weapons in Alyx, so they cannot be used by normal people unless they modify their genes. Nevertheless, Alyx is able to obtain an unbonded one in the Northern Star. The case Alyx finds her SMG in has the alphanumerics "PROTO-05-LA72-63" printed on it, suggesting that this particular SMG could be a prototype. This notion is further supported by its more exposed design compared to the ones wielded by Grunts.


The Combine SMG can be modified to include various attachments using a Combine Fabricator. Given below is a table containing upgrades, their description and Resin cost.[1]

Upgrade Description Resin Cost
Reflex Sight Adds a reflex sight to help with aiming and pinpoint weak spots of enemies 15
Laser Sight Adds a laser sight to help with aiming 25
Extended Magazine Allows the gun to store 4 cells in an extended magazine attached to the weapon, effectively increasing magazine capacity to 120 shots 30

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life: Alyx
Achievement Unbonded.jpg Unbonded
Collect the SMG.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Players who ordered the Valve Index in 2019 were given a set of bonus pre-order exclusive weapon skins in Half-Life: Alyx. The alternate skin for the SMG depicts it with a more blue metal and yellow painted highlights. Additionally, three unused weapon skins are present in the game files.


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