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The scene in Episode Two.
The radio operator arguing.
"Out in the field? I'm not going out in the field. I'm a radio operator."
― Resistance radio operator[src]

The AR3 is a non-existent weapon referred to in a conversation between some Rebels at White Forest.


When Gordon Freeman, Alyx Vance and Dog get into White Forest, they are greeted by MIRT and must then meet with Eli Vance and Isaac Kleiner. Before the meeting, they come across several Rebels who sit around another one, explaining how the Combine AR2 works and how it can be useful against Hunters.

Early into the lecture, a radio operator clearly inexperienced in combat but not willing to show it (and probably wanting to impress the girl next to him, since he keeps looking at her while talking) interrupts the explanation to claim that:

  • While he has never used an AR2, he did use an AR3 back in City 17, which was "lousy" with them.
  • He (and other "city folks") defeated Hunters with their bare hands. He claimed he was killing 10 to 20 a day back then.

The other Rebel dismisses his stories as made up and refuses to resume the AR2 explanations unless he leaves, which he does not.


The following is a list (in order) of the sound file names and what is said.

Sound file Quote
reb_silo_reb_art1 So have you ever used an AR2 before?
reb_silo_reb_art2 AR2? Nooo... Now, an AR3, sure. Plenty of times.
reb_silo_reb_art3 There is no such thing as an AR3.
reb_silo_reb_art6 Well, see, in the city...the place was lousy with AR3s.
reb_silo_reb_art7 No it wasn't.
reb_silo_reb_art8 Yes it was.
reb_silo_reb_art9 No it——— So, do you know what the alternative fire method does on the AR2? It kills hunters. How did you city folk kill hunters?
reb_silo_reb_art10 We sure as hell didn't use guns. We would just wrestle Hunters to the ground with our bare hands. I used to kill ten-twenty a day, just using my fists.
reb_silo_reb_art11 So, when you're out in the field, you're going to be punching Hunters?
reb_silo_reb_art12 Out in the field? I'm not going out in the field. I'm a radio operator.
reb_silo_reb_art13 (groan) That's it. Leave. You don't need to be here and I'm not going to continue the lesson until you leave.
reb_silo_reb_art14 I'm staying right here.
reb_silo_reb_art15 I am serious, leave.
reb_silo_reb_art16 I'm not going to continue until you leave.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Apart from its humorous purpose, this scene is also intended to indicate players that did not discover it yet that the AR2's secondary fire is efficient against Hunters.

Other quotes[edit]

There are a few unused quotes referring to the AR3 scene:

Sound name Quote
reb_silo_reb_art4 Are you from the city?
reb_silo_reb_art5 No.
reb_silo_reb_cpl1 Well what else could we do with him? He isn't actually operating the radio, I told him to just make sure no one touches the knobs.
reb_silo_reb_cpl2 Maybe we can take the knobs off the radio?


Adam Baldwin voices the Rebel attempting to prove the AR3 does not exist.

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