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Gravity Gloves (Half-Life: Alyx)

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This article is about the tool used by Alyx Vance. For the cut Half-Life 2: Survivor weapon, see Gravity Gloves (Half-Life 2: Survivor).

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Gravity Gloves
Production information




Used by

Alyx Vance

Game information
  • Kerry Davis[1]
  • Tristan Reidford[1]

The Gravity Gloves[2] (also known as the Russells)[3] are a Gravity Manipulator Tool used by Alyx Vance in Half-Life: Alyx. They appear to function similarly to the secondary mode of Half-Life 2's Gravity Gun, which allows to pull distant objects closer to the player.[4] They replace the HUD used in previous installments by displaying the player's health and status effects. The gloves were invented by Russell.

Behind the scenes[edit]

In early leaked Half-Life: Alyx strings, the Gravity Gloves were instead referred to by the codename "Grabbity Gloves".[5]

The control scheme of the Gravity Gloves went through several iterations in order to make them easier to use for the players. The developers initially believed that some way to toggle the gloves was necessary in order to prevent interference with the regular item pick up action. A separate controller button proved to be ineffective, as the added inconvenience caused the playtesters to use the gloves far less often. Some other solutions were found to work well with the Valve Index Controllers, but would be impossible to implement with other devices. In the end, further testing showed that having similar controls for grabbing and pulling was actually the most intuitive input method.[6]

In an early design the health and ammunition indicators were housed in a wristwatch, separate from the Gravity Gloves. That made little sense in the game, since wrists are not rendered, so the watch was moved to the hand and eventually removed completely, leaving behind just the indicators themselves.[1]

The idea of using hearts for the health display was inspired by The Legend of Zelda game series.[1]