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7 days

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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7 days
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7 days (rus. 7 дней) is the self-proclaimed last remaining daily newspaper, at the time of its only known issue, which was published as recent as the period following the Combine's invasion of Earth, in the city that would become City 17.


7 дней appears in Half-Life: Alyx as worn out newspaper models, which can first be found in a newspaper rack near the kiosks outside the Northern Star hotel, close to the Terminal Gardens entrance. It is a daily newspaper written nearly entirely in Russian, only with a few English sentences in advertisements. The main page of the issue Alyx Vance comes across focuses on Dr. Breen, with the headlines reading "The Black Mesa Disaster: the investigation continues" and "Who are you, Wallace Breen?" Below, authors summarize all that is publicly known about Breen's past, express doubts about the official account of his role in the Black Mesa Incident, and describe their futile efforts to contact him, his personnel, and the United Nations for answers regarding humanity's capitulation to the Combine. Highlighting the self-appointment of his role as humanity's representative and expressing concerns about the vagueness in his words about the "duty to humanity", they raise a multitude of questions regarding his origins, plans, and allegiance.

The remaining space is taken up by advertisements for the Museum of Natural History's Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit, the Central Zoo's sea fish exhibit, the cryptic "occular [sic] recalculation procedures inc." product, and the Massif Peaks bottled water. All of these advertisements can also be found on billboards or as posters in display cases throughout City 17.


Stylistically, the newspaper 7 дней resembles the printed version of the real Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta.


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