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Powered bridge

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Powered bridge
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The Combine powered bridge[1] is a type of force field platform used inside the Citadel acting as a means of reaching otherwise inaccessible areas.


Powered bridges can only be activated if two Power Generators within the immediate vicinity are activated. It is seen within the Citadel's Core that the bridges can be bisected, and each half can rotate without the need for extra machinery at the new, broken end to move into a specific position. The generators powering these bridges can only be activated by the Combine Energy Balls taken from the power streams found in the Citadel.

Powered bridges are prevalent in the Citadel Core in Half-Life 2: Episode One, where Gordon Freeman must reactivate several deactivated ones in order to proceed. Stalkers can use their laser to destroy the energy orbs powering the bridge generators, and they do indeed utilize this ability to hinder Gordon's progress.


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