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Combine Guard (human)

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Combine Guard
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Humanoid unit

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Dhabih Eng[1]

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The Combine Guard[1] is the predecessor to both Metro Cops and Overwatch Soldiers.


The Combine Guard is an early incarnation of all the Combine humanoid units, apparently during the game's development when only one humanoid unit existed. With an all-black uniform with vertical straps, a long trench coat and a white helmet, it was inspired in part by the German SS uniforms of World War II. Once it evolved into the Metro Cop along with one of the (bulkier) helmet designs, the other (flatter) helmet design was recycled into the Overwatch Soldier.[1]

The model for the Combine Guard was created, but only parts of its textures remain in the Half-Life 2 leak files. As seen in the leak textures, the first known model of Barney Calhoun used this design.

Though unrelated, a part-human, part-Synth unit showcased in the E3 2002 map "Terminal" bears the same name.



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