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Combine Synth Elite Soldier

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Combine Synth Elite Soldier4.jpg
Combine Synth Elite Soldier
General information



Part-human, part-Synth / Elite Heavy Assault Soldier

Game information

Ted Backman[1]

The Combine Synth Elite Soldier[1] is a part-human, part-Synth enemy[1] cut from Half-Life 2. With the Combine Super Soldier (which somehow stems from it), it is the predecessor of the Overwatch Elite, as well as the direct predecessor of the Synth Combine Guard.[2]


The Combine Synth Elite Soldier is probably some descendant of the "mech" featured in the vignette Weather Control. The "Combine Elite" is mentioned in the vignette Alyx; it could be this unit, although the Combine Super Soldier could also fit, both being early elite Combine units. Overall, some concepts evolved into the Combine Guard, others into the Combine Super Soldier, to finally end up with the Overwatch Elite. Some concepts also bear similarities with the Hunter, especially the legs.


These are concept art for several different versions, featured in Raising the Bar. Most of them feature a big left arm where a weapons is included (as seen in the Combine Guard NPC) and a thinner right one.

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