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Charger (Xen creature)

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This article is about the enemy cut from Half-Life. For the devices, see Chargers.

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The Charger[1] is an alien creature cut from Half-Life. While not in the game files, its source files can be found in the Half-Life SDK files, but there are no animations.


The Charger was to be a two-legged insect-like creature, with a small head dotted with two moving flaps (possibly ears, since holes can be seen in the inner sides) that could cover its head completely. It was to have seven eyes, three big and four small, randomly spread around its face (or only three, depending on the two textures files), six pointed teeth, and overall colors similar to that of the Bullsquid.

While not explicitly identified as a Charger, concept art (by Ted Backman) for a similar looking creature without wings and possessing a ruminant-like tail can be seen in Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar. It is described as "a demonic bipedal monster".[2]

In modding[edit]

The Charger can be seen in Invasion, a single-player mod for Half-Life, for which it was provided original animations.


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