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Combine Super Soldier

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Combine Super Soldier
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Synth / Elite Heavy Assault Soldier

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Ted Backman[1]

The Combine Super Soldier,[2] also known as Combine Elite,[1] is a Synth enemy cut from Half-Life 2. It somehow stems from the Combine Synth Elite Soldier and with it is the predecessor of the Overwatch Elite.[1]


Concept art with a white skin.

Originally designed as an existing Combine creature, it was to be a sort of small bipedal Strider in size, with the proportions of a human soldier. It was to be seen in the Citadel.[1]

Its name can be found when viewing the Overwatch Elite model in the Source SDK model viewer, its preview being the image of the Combine Super Soldier, with its name. This is because it is the direct predecessor to the Overwatch Elite.

Like the Strider, it bears maroon lines on its legs, while its white version was to also have maroon lines on the arms, the number "314" on the chest, as well as two maroon triangles in a circle on the arm. Of note is that the "314" number can also be found on the outfit of the Overwatch Soldier model featured in the Half-Life 2 leak (as well as in the Advisor pod name, "314 URB-LOC 0017"), while the two triangles in a circle can be found on the retail Overwatch Soldier model, with different colors.

Alyx vignette[edit]

A vignette featured in Raising the Bar is set at the start of the Air Exchange chapter and has Gordon involved in a train wreck when arriving there. Alyx encounters him with her pet Skitch and they are attacked by "tripods" (i.e. Striders) and "Combine Elite", tall shapes looking like metal, and with muffled, almost silent movements. That does fit the description of the Combine Super Soldier, named "Combine Elite" near its concept art in Raising the Bar,[1] while the Combine Synth Elite Soldier could also fit, since it was also to be an elite Combine unit.


The creature's overtly alien model being used in the alien setting of the Citadel levels was deemed problematic and was dropped in favor of a more humanoid model, the Overwatch Elite.[1]


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