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Combine Hazmat Worker

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Combine Hazmat Worker
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Combine Infestation Control



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Gas mask

Combine Hazmat Workers are a non-combat cleanup force of the Combine introduced in Half-Life: Alyx.


Combine Hazmat Workers are part of a group designated as Infestation Control, the logo of which depicts a worker repelling a tentacle. They are stationed primarily in and around the Quarantine Zone carrying out work to stem the infestation of alien flora and fauna from Xen. Combine Hazmat Workers wear yellow hazmat suits, green gloves, black boots, a gas mask identical to the Combine Worker's (albeit with the filter in place), and carry a black tank on their backs which feeds oxygen directly into their suit through a valve on the chest. Writing on the hazmat suit indicates it's a "MODEL - EB - 2B". Workers bring vats of an orange fluid produced by Antlions known as Cleanup Solution to infested locations which they spray into the environment like an expanding foam. Once this foam solidifies, it becomes a hollow, crisp shell that effectively seals off Xen growths. The extraction process of the said solution from Antlions can be observed near the end of the game.

No living Combine Hazmat Workers are seen in Half-Life: Alyx. They are only encountered either as corpses or Zombies. At some point, one of these Hazmat Workers was apparently infected by spore clouds and transformed into Jeff.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Unlike the Combine Worker, the Hazmat Worker's model does not contain any unique unused animations. A female variant of the Hazmat Worker wearing an alternate white suit is only seen in zombified form.




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