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Combine Hazmat Worker

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Combine Hazmat Worker
General information

Combine Infestation Control



Individual information
  • Gas mask
  • Cleanup Solution
  • Hazmat equipment

Combine Hazmat Workers are the personnel of Infestation Control, a non-combat hazmat force of the Combine introduced in Half-Life: Alyx.


Employed as cleanup crews and researchers, Hazmat Workers are stationed primarily in and around the Quarantine Zone to stem the infestation of alien flora and fauna from Xen. Most of them wear yellow hazmat suits, green neoprene heavy-duty gloves, black rubber boots, and helmets identical to that of Combine Workers. On the collar of their suits is a hood that could be pulled up to cover their heads, and a filter that is attached to the mouths of their masks. They carry black tanks on their backs that feed oxygen through a hose directly into a valve on the suits' left breast. There are also female Hazmat Workers who wear white hooded jumpsuits and blue boots, and are only seen in the zombified form.

There are several markings in both English and Combine alphabet on the Hazmat Workers' gear. Text on the hazmat suit indicates it's a "MODEL-EB-28", and the Infestation Control emblem on it depicts a worker repelling tentacles. On the suits' right arm is the word "ANTI". On their gas tanks are the words "Oxygen O2" and "CMB Hazmat Service", as well as the hazard symbols for "flammable" and "compressed gas".

Infestation Control units utilize a repertoire of Combine-issued hazmat equipment including stirring barrels, bodybags, scientific equipment, and even specialized Force Fields to establish checkpoints all over the Quarantine Zone. Their major means of repelling Xen flora is by spraying an orange fluid known as Cleanup Solution into the environment like expanding foam. Once this foam solidifies, it becomes a hollow, hard shell that effectively seals off Xen growths. The said solution is produced by Antlions, and its extraction process can be observed later in the Tanker Yard.

In some sections of the Quarantine Zone, such as the Drainage Tunnels, Infestation Control are seen predominantly utilizing pre-war apparatus such as old Trexlor trunks and human-made scientific instruments. They also tend to employ more basic methods of containment, such as simply scooping up the hazardous waste and placing them into receptacles or forcefully removing them with construction equipment.

No living Hazmat Workers are ever seen during the events of the game, and they are only encountered either as corpses or as Zombies. These remains are often seen alongside Combine Workers as well. Whether or not this indicates a relationship between the two organizations is unknown. At some point, one of these Hazmat Workers was infected by spore clouds and transformed into Jeff.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The text on many of the Infestation Control's equipment is written in Combine alphabet which, when deciphered into English, appears to be a paraphrased version of Wikipedia's definition of hazmat suits.

Early concept artworks depict living Hazmat Workers cleaning up Tentacles with portable spraying devices of Cleanup Solution, unseen in the final game. The Hazmat Workers in these images wear orange Combine Worker outfits.






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