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Combine Charger

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Combine Charger
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"Ready to hammer in three... two... one..."
― Combine Charger[src]

The Combine Charger, also called the Combine Heavy and referred to as Wallhammer in Combine terminology, is a powerful soldier class of the Overwatch introduced in Half-Life: Alyx.


Combine Chargers are very large enemies, with heavy armor plating covering their shoulders, chests and thighs and a gorget to protect their necks. Acting as special units, Chargers are either deployed as a member of a squad or operates solo. They are equipped with a Heavy Shotgun and are capable of using a device mounted on their left forearms to generate a shield which, unlike other Combine Force Field technology, can block non-organic matter such as bullets and shrapnel. This device can also momentarily blind the player with a bright flash, leaving them open to attack. Chargers are unable to shoot through their own shields and therefore are forced to deactivate them to return fire on enemies. One of these units incapacitates Alyx Vance and her father Eli with a Stun Baton during a raid on their safehouse.


As their code name "Wallhammer" suggests, the Chargers' tactics comprise of both the "wall" which refers to their shield and the "hammer" which refers to their strategy of charging. Like Suppressors, Chargers act as "tanks", being able to dish out and receive high amounts of damage. They can easily kill a player who underestimates them and fails to use cover and the right weapons or tactics. However, while Suppressors hang back to provide covering fire, Chargers specialize in pushing forward to directly assault and put pressure on their enemy. The Heavy Shotgun is capable of removing a large chunk of the player's health in one shot, but its firing and reloading rates are low which, along with the Chargers' relatively slower responses, can be exploited to the player's advantage. When being attacked, Chargers will put up their shields while continuing their advance, and will often emit a flash when they see the player, so it is advised not to waste ammunition on the shield and stay behind cover. Despite the Chargers' heavy armor, they are highly vulnerable to attacks from grenades and the shotgun. However, their armor's shoulder pauldrons are bulletproof, so care should be taken when aiming for the head.

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life: Alyx
Achievement Indirect Approach.jpg Indirect Approach
Kill a Combine Heavy while their shield is up.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The Combine Charger acts as a spiritual precursor to the Shotgun Soldiers of the previous games, not only wielding a Shotgun but also following the same "charge" flanking role that they performed. The unused Combine Soldier model includes placeholder texture variations for several different soldier classes, among these being a Shotgun Soldier class which may have been an early form of the Charger.

In the game files, Combine Chargers have several unused lines and animations for swapping out their Heavy Shotgun for a Stun Baton, respectively dubbed "mode 1" and "mode 2". While their shield is deployed, they would pull out a baton, sprint at an opponent, and attempt to either stun them or perform a fake out attack. The Charger also was to have a Tau Cannon charging attack as part of the functionality of his weapon.




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