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Combine Recon

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Combine Recon
General information

Combine Overwatch

The Combine Recon is a Combine soldier class of the Overwatch cut from Half-Life: Alyx.


Little is known about the planned Combine Recon unit as it was never mentioned nor shown prior to the game's release. A model for the character still exists in the released game files, but it lacks textures. The model's texture definitions point to the missing materials combine_grunt_gear.vmat and combine_grunt_body.vmat, suggesting some relation of the Recon to the Combine Grunt, possibly being an early form of it. The model depicts the Combine Recon with a standard Combine helmet (although the filter is on the wearer's right, opposite most other Combine units in Alyx), a lightly armored suit, numerous pouches, and a backpack with a hose coming from inside one of its pouches that connects to a valve on the suit's chest. The backpack's strap going across the chest meant to hold extra gear matches that of the Grunt's.

Aside from the model, a few particle effect files named npc_combine_recon_flare_0#.vpcf are present which show a blue signal flare being fired into the sky, an ability the Grunt lacks.


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