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Combine Worker

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Combine Worker
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Combine Workers are a non-combat engineering force of the Combine introduced in Half-Life: Alyx.


Combine Workers are usually seen in areas involving the maintenance or construction of Combine technology and other infrastructure. To achieve some of these tasks, Workers pilot a variant of the Strider known as a Construction Strider by standing atop a special platform affixed to the Synth's head. From this position, they can quickly traverse across the rooftops of City 17, carrying out duties such as transporting large electrical cables to plug into the outlets of Combine machinery or using a mechanical arm attached to their platforms to perform welding work. Combine Workers wear green coveralls caked in dirt with an emblem on their left arm which reads "Engineer Core CMB Group 6". A large "6" is also emblazoned on their vests. They wear gas masks with a detachable filter which they opt to leave off while performing their duties. This gas mask is identical to the ones worn by Hazmat Workers. Russell wears coveralls identical to a Combine Worker's albeit orange in color.

The only living Combine Workers seen in Half-Life: Alyx are present in the opening chapter. Throughout the rest of the game taking place within the Quarantine Zone, further encountered Combine Workers are either already dead or zombified. Alyx Vance acquires her Shotgun and flashlight from the corpses of Combine Workers.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The Combine Worker's model contains several unused animations depicting them in a construction environment. These sequences include carrying panels as a pair and waving signaling flags. A variant of the Worker wearing orange and black coveralls with a green Combine logo on the arm is only witnessed in zombie form. Although not seen on any of the workers, the Combine Worker model carries a portable medkit that's attached with a shoulder strap. Additionally, some unused animations show a pair of workers standing together on a single Construction Strider platform.

Russell wears a uniform essentially identical to the Combine Worker's but different in color. The Combine insignia is still present on it, but these logos are covered by his jacket.




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