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Shotgun (Half-Life: Alyx)

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

HLA Shotgun01.jpg
Production information





Semi-automatic break action shotgun

Technical specifications

7, 6 in ammo tube and 1 chambered

Ammo type

12-gauge buckshot shells

Rate of fire

dependent on shooter's trigger finger




Short to medium, effectiveness decreases with distance

Used by

Alyx Vance

Game information


"Oh! That zombie has a shotgun!"
Alyx Vance upon seeing the armed Combine Worker zombie.[src]

The Shotgun is one of three weapons wielded by Alyx Vance in Half-Life: Alyx.


The shotgun is a compact semi-automatic weapon that shares various similarities with the Heavy Shotgun. It appears to be manufactured in a clandestine workshop or factory, from square and circular tubing. It has a short firing barrel and magazine tube sprayed with red paint on the side, and sports a digital ammo counter at the rear. It also features a foldable wire stock unusable by the player. Alyx first acquires it from the corpse of a zombified Combine Worker. It operates in a unique fashion: instead of being pump-action like most shotguns, it incorporates a break-action loading mechanism, which requires the user to flip open the chamber, insert shells manually into the magazine tube, and charge the weapon by pulling a retractable handle on the slide. However, when equipped with the Autoloader upgrade, a rectangular ammo rack and loader is fitted to the sides of the weapon which can hold up to six shells and load them automatically when the break opens. When the shotgun's ammunition is depleted, a red light under the handle will light up.

Due to its compact size, it can be easily wielded and fired with one hand, while still being able to dish out heavy damage and take down most enemies easily. However, like all shotguns, Alyx's shotgun is not very accurate with a large pellet spread, making it only effective at closer range and suffers from severe damage falloff at distances. This can be ameliorated by the addition of a laser sight which projects a unique conical hologram that indicates the spread of the shot. When upgraded with the double shot function, the shotgun is modified with a fire selector at the rear end and a slitted heat shield reminiscent of that of the SPAS-12. This dual shot ability is also somewhat similar with its later counterpart, but the two shots it fires are consecutive rather than simultaneous. Furthermore, if boosted with the grenade launcher module, the shotgun is granted the ability to launch combine grenades that detonate upon impact. Worth noting is that when equipped with both the laser sight and the launcher, the sight's holographic laser will turn into a curved blue line which indicates the grenade's trajectory when the launcher is primed.

A manufacturer logo is printed on one side of the gun's slide, which resembles a ratel in a circle with the word "RATEL" underneath, hinting that this is actually a human weapon. Additionally, a Combine insignia and bar code is etched on the top along with the words "Civil Protection Annex". According to Valve employee Tristan Reidford, the Combine gathered up all human weapons after the Seven-Hour War and laser-etched them for redistribution, which explains these markings.


The shotgun can be modified to include various attachments using a Combine Fabricator. Below is a list of upgrades along with their Resin cost and description.[1]

Upgrade Description Resin Cost
Laser Sight Adds a laser sight to help with aiming 10
Double Shot Allows 2 shots to be fired, one after the other 25
Autoloader Adds a shell rack and automatic loader to the side of the weapon 30
Grenade Launcher Allows a Combine grenade to be attached to the front of the gun, and also launching from the gun to instantly detonate on impact 40

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life: Alyx
Achievement Zombie with a Shotgun.jpg Zombie with a Shotgun
Collect the shotgun.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Players who ordered the Valve Index in 2019 were given a set of bonus pre-order exclusive weapon skins in Half-Life: Alyx. The alternate skin for the Shotgun depicts it with silver metal and a black grip.

As seen in trailers, the shotgun's shells originally featured a red and yellow finish without glowing parts, which was scrapped from the final game.

When selected as the weapon to be upgraded in a Combine Fabricator, a hologram of the shotgun will appear in the machine's cradle. Strangely, this hologram will always depict the gun with the slitted heat shield regardless of the upgrades installed, which is possibly a developer oversight.




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