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List of cut Alien Grunt weapons

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This is a list of cut Alien Grunt weapons from Half-Life. The following designs were created by Chuck Jones.[1][2]

Alien Organic Chainsaw[edit]

The Alien Organic Chainsaw was an alien creature. It was to be used as an organic weapon by the Alien Grunts and the player. The concept art shows a large snake-like creature with no visible limbs, two small eyes on its face, and a mouth with sharp teeth. It was to wrap around the user's body, attach itself to spine, and take the place of left arm. In range, it could take out multiple enemies with huge rapid bites, and possibly devour and eat humans, including dead bodies. It could detect organic life nearby with its sensors on its body. It was to get pissed when not fed.[2]

Black Hole Gun[edit]

The Black Hole Gun was an energy weapon. It was to be worn by the Alien Grunt like a backpack and was to be used from its control panel on the front by right hand. It could launch energy balls from its prong amplifiers. On the back, there was to be a generic gray alien attached to a machine, and was possibly used as the energy source of the weapon.[1]