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Nail Grenade

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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Nail Grenade
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Adrian Shephard

Game information

The Nail Grenade is a weapon that was due to appear in the cancelled game Return to Ravenholm.


The Nail Grenade is an incomplete weapon that uses placeholder animations and is untextured, appearing completely matte white. Gameplay footage of Return to Ravenholm indicates that Adrian Shephard was to acquire Nail Grenades for the first time while crawling through a series of vents, where two Nail Grenades can be found. In the pickup animation, Shephard presses a button on the Nail Grenade's keypad, seemingly priming it for detonation. When Shephard throws a Nail Grenade, it is launched from the center of the player's view while an underarm throwing animation plays. The Nail Grenade will immediately stick to the surface it is thrown on, emit a red light and a beeping sound to indicate that it is armed, and detonate after approximately one second. The resulting explosion launches nine electrified nails in a semicircular arc around itself that will immediately embed themselves in whatever surface they are fired into, each one connected to the remains of the Nail Grenade by a powerful electrical arc that will disintegrate any zombies that come into contact with it.[1]


  • When a Nail Grenade is acquired, the HUD displays the message "Use Nail Grenades to create traps and electricity currents".
  • The HUD pickup icon uses that of the Fragmentation Grenade from Half-Life 2 as a placeholder.


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