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Ted Backman[1]

The Kingpin[1][2] is an alien enemy cut from Half-Life. While it lacked convincing AI and gameplay goals, it was scripted nevertheless. It can be found in the game files.


Twice the height of an average person, it was to have a massive brain filling its entire body, with four eyestalks spaced evenly around it. An early version was to walk on three chitinous legs with a clicking sound; a later version, called Sactildiae Nefariousium,[3] traded the rear leg for a thick, worm-like "tail".[1] Its psionic attacks and psionic defenses would have made it immune to missile weapons.

It was to be found at least on Xen, in some caves.[4] Additionally, as stated by Marc Laidlaw, the Kingpin appeared in several concept art pieces of the Topside Motorpool area. It was to break free from a squad of soldiers tormenting it, and destroy them with the player's help.[5]

In modding[edit]

Its second version appears in the Half-Life mods Redemption, USS Darkstar, and as a functioning enemy in Sweet Half-Life.


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