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Sweet Half-Life

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Shl steam.png
Sweet Half-Life

SHL Team[1]

Release date(s)

August 31, 2001[1]


First-person shooter, Science fiction






Marc Ellis, Koumei Satou, Gareth Lough, Karu_gamo[2]


Amit Katz[2]

Sweet Half-Life is a mod for Half-Life, set at a similar time to the original game and following a similar storyline. It is played through the eyes of Gordon McGinley, and follows his plight to escape from the crumbling Black Mesa Research Facility


During a similar time frame as Half-Life, Gordon McGinley, the Black Mesa warehouse manager, must find a way to escape Black Mesa alive after the Resonance Cascade. The game follows a split plot line, with two separate paths and two possible end-game bosses.

Starting out as a normal day, a sudden violent shaking throws the entire base into chaos. Gordon McGinley dons a HEV Suit and joins the scientists in ridding Black Mesa of the invading Xen creatures, as well as HECU soldiers.

As he progresses through the facility, he encounters Grey-like aliens and their flying saucers (who are hostile to the Xen Forces). At this point the game can diverge into two separate paths, with McGinley either moving onwards or boarding the flying saucer.

In the first path, McGinley travels to Xen, defeats the powerful Kingpin and ends with McGinley stalking the ever-elusive G-Man on the top of the tram, in which G-Man offered Gordon Freeman the liberty of choice. Then a cinematic is shown with the aliens launching their invasion towards Earth.

In the second ending, McGinley fights his way through the mothership and eventually escapes. Later Adrian Shephard is spotted on a floating rock in the middle of nowhere, and then a girl who had helped McGinley before appears in a ship, and rescues Shephard.

The game ends with McGinley stalking the ever-elusive G-Man on the top of the tram, in which G-Man offered Gordon Freeman the liberty of choice.


  • Several moments in the mod are either parodies or homages to the 1950's Sci-Fi movie popularity boom.
  • Co-designer Koumei Satou also developed the mods Peaces Like Us and Mistake of Pythagoras.


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