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Entropy : Zero

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This subject is related to a real world perspective.
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Entropy Zero.jpg
Entropy : Zero


Release date(s)

October 10, 2017 (mod and Steam release)


First-person shooter




Microsoft Windows



System req

Windows 7 or 10 operating system, 1.7 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, DirectX 8.1 compatible video card with support for SSE, Half-Life 2 and Source SDK 2013 beta


Keyboard and mouse




John Richardson


John Richardson


Spencer Baggett, Kelly Bailey (remixed by Morch Kovalski and John Richardson)

Entropy : Zero is a free single-player modification for Half-Life 2.


Entropy : Zero takes place eleven months prior to the events of Half-Life 2, following the perspective of a Combine Civil Protection officer simply referred to in the credits as "Metrocop" or "Badcop". After participating in a raid on a Resistance hideout, the Metrocop and his fellow officers board a Razor Train heading out of the City, only for the Train to derail, with the Metrocop as the sole survivor. The Metrocop must then make his way through City 10, which has been abandoned by the Combine following the outbreak of a mysterious disease, and fight both hordes of Zombies and squads of Resistance fighters moving to fill the vacuum left by the evacuating Combine.

The mod features new environments such as the desolate snow-covered streets of City 10, and the Metrocop has several unique weapons, such as a Stun Baton, deployable Manhacks, and a prototype AR2 Pulse Rifle with a much larger ammunition capacity.


As of April 2020, Entropy : Zero has more than 2,700 reviews on Steam, with 92% of them being positive.


Entropy : Zero includes 31 Steam achievements.

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