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Entropy : Zero/Achievements

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Entropy : Zero, a free mod taking place from the perspective of a Civil Protection officer, comes with 31 Steam achievements.


Image Achievement Official description Chapter How-to
E0A A Real Class Act.jpg A Real Class Act Get 5 kills using Manhacks only. Any chapter Kills made in the Firing Range count.
E0A Ten Sterilize Credits.jpg Ten Sterilize Credits Kill 10 rebels. Any chapter Kills made in the Firing Range count.
E0A Twenty Sterilize Credits.jpg Twenty Sterilize Credits Kill 20 rebels. Any chapter Kills made in the Firing Range count.
E0A Thirty Sterilize Credits.jpg Thirty Sterilize Credits Kill 30 rebels. Any chapter Kills made in the Firing Range count.
E0A Forty Sterilize Credits.jpg Forty Sterilize Credits Kill 40 rebels. Any chapter Kills made in the Firing Range count.
E0A Fifty Sterilize Credits.jpg Fifty Sterilize Credits Kill 50 rebels. Any chapter Kills made in the Firing Range count.
E0A Bullet Hangover.jpg Bullet Hangover Die 100 times. Any chapter Self-explanatory.
E0A Lambda Generation.jpg Lambda Generation Find all of the Lambda Generation tags. Interloper through Low
E0A Beaches Babes and Waves.jpg Beaches Babes and Waves Find and wobble 7 Hula dolls. Interloper through Low
E0A Garbage Poet.jpg Garbage Poet Find all of the poem pieces. Interloper through Bad Cop
E0A Story Achievement.jpg Sucker's Luck Wake up stranded in City 10. Interloper Story-related.
E0A Picked up that can.jpg Picked up that can Pick up a can. Interloper After emerging onto the streets of City 10, a can can be found lying on the ground.
E0A Threw it in the trashcan.jpg Threw it in the trashcan Throw it in a trashcan. Interloper Right next to the above-mentioned can is a trashcan.
E0A Story Achievement.jpg Subtle Cop Sneak through the rebel encampment. Dead Tenant Quick-save often.
E0A Story Achievement.jpg Deadly Exploit Turn the turrets back on the rebels. Dead Tenant Story-related.
E0A Kindergarten Cop.jpg Kindergarten Cop Return the doll. Dead Tenant After reaching the jail, before throwing a grenade into the machine, turn right to find a radio in a room, then head back down to find a doll in a bedroom, then return it to the radio.
E0A Story Achievement.jpg (Very) Dead Tenant Find the dead rebel leader. Dead Tenant Story-related.
E0A Story Achievement.jpg Still Alive Survive the betrayal. Low Story-related.
E0A Vague Voices.jpg Vague Voices Did you hear that? Low Story-related.
E0A Story Achievement.jpg More Gun Find a prototype AR2. Low Story-related.
E0A I know the pieces fit.jpg I know the pieces fit Find the reference. Low Look behind two crates next to the prototype Pulse Rifle.
E0A Plosive Expletive.jpg Plosive Expletive Survive the grenade encounter. Low Story-related.
E0A Story Achievement.jpg Baby Sittin' Job Protect the Stalker in the tunnels. Low Story-related.
E0A Cremator.jpg Cremator Ignite 20 Zombies using flares. Low Self-explanatory.
E0A Story Achievement.jpg Solo Survive the tunnels. Low Story-related.
E0A Eviction Notice.jpg Eviction Notice Evict 20 Vortigaunts from Pillar 10. And from the realm of the living. Low through Bad Cop Self-explanatory.
E0A Story Achievement.jpg OUTBREAK OUTBREAK Experience your first CFLU fever. Bad Cop Story-related.
E0A Story Achievement.jpg Hunter Killer Kill the possessed Hunter. Bad Cop Story-related.
E0A Story Achievement.jpg On Ice Destroy the Quantinode core. Bad Cop Story-related.
E0A Beat Cop.jpg Beat Cop Complete the game on Normal mode or higher. Bad Cop Self-explanatory.
E0A Bad Cop.jpg Bad Cop Beat the game on Bad Cop difficulty. Bad Cop Self-explanatory.