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List of unreleased fan films

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This subject is related to a real world perspective.
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The subject matter of this article does not take place in the "real" Half-Life and Portal universe and is considered non-canon.

This article lists Half-Life and Portal fan films that were announced but not released due to being abandoned or stuck in development hell.


Lambda[1] was a fan film based on Half-Life 2 by an American studio then known as Dark Pulse Productions. Its announcement in July 2014 was picked up and reported on by LambdaGeneration,[1] with August bringing about the release of a trailer, which has since been made unavailable.[2] Although in July 2015 it was reported to still be in production,[3] by March 2016 it was stuck in development hell, according to the creators.[4]

Lambda was to follow the story of a character known as Dominic Ryan, a Resistance fighter, played by Spencer Love, who teams up with Barney Calhoun and Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2 in an attempt to rebel against the Combine forces dominating the Earth, himself playing a pivotal part in the struggle. The story itself was said to be set seven days prior to the events of the game while Gordon Freeman is still in stasis, although it would also tie into the events beyond Gordon’s awakening from Point Insertion, up to the Uprising. Novel elements of the Half-Life universe, such as Combine factories or a new Combine weapon, were to be shown in the movie.[1][5]

The film was being directed by Connor A. Botts and had a team of around 40 people including actors for the roles of Barney, Alyx, Dr. Breen (Michael Banks) and the G-Man (David Buttery). Gordon Freeman would also make an appearance, meeting the main character, wearing a full HEV Suit, in Nova Prospekt. The film would feature a 3D CGI model of the Armored Personnel Carrier made by Gianpietro Fabre, also used in another unreleased film called I'm the Freeman.[1] The creators claimed to have "spent months writing the story making sure it fits in with the Half-Life series timeline and lore."[5]

Lambda was set to be around 30–60 minutes in length and had a budget of $6,000, although a Kickstarter campaign would have been made to provide additional funding. The film was to be shown at several film festivals before eventually being released on YouTube for free.[1]


Half-Life: The Downfall of Evolution[edit]

Promotional poster for Half-Life: The Downfall of Evolution.

Half-Life: The Downfall of Evolution, also known as Half-Life: 7 Hours,[6] was a series of fan films based on Half-Life 2 by a Turkey-based studio, centered on the Seven Hour War and the Combine's invasion of Earth.[7]

The series originated from a project titled Half-Life Lambda Protocol,[7] a teaser trailer for which was uploaded to YouTube in September 2013; it has since been made unavailable.[8] By May 2014,[9] the development team had partially changed, along with the title of the project, with the latter said to have been due to a copyright dispute between the studio and Machinima Prime.[7] From then on, it was known as Half-Life: The Fall Down of Evolution or Half-Life: The Downfall of Evolution, a title seemingly used interchangeably with Half-Life: 7 Hours, or 7 Hours for short; The Downfall of Evolution was preferred until c. 2015, when the series was largely retroactively rebranded as 7 Hours.[6]

The series was reportedly to consist of four episodes 10 minutes in length each, set during the time between Half-Life and Half-Life 2. It would follow a 23-year-old soldier who lived through the Seven Hour War, while also aiming to tell the story of the Combine invasion from different perspectives, including those of both known characters from the game series and original ones. The films were to be published on YouTube.[7][10]

The series was being directed by Tiberhan Ergür and worked on by an international development team.[10] A now defunct website was set up for the project. Along with a number of promotional images and behind the scenes photos, at least six teaser trailers were released during the development, promoting the series under either title:

as well as two full tracks:

  • "The hope" by Phil Sivitsky, released on September 25, 2014 for The Downfall of Evolution,
  • "The Memory Remains" by Onur Tarcin, released on January 10, 2015 for 7 Hours.

SFX, VFX, and real-world props appearing in the trailers were created without any budget at the developers' disposal.[10] In September 2014,[11] an Indiegogo campaign was launched to raise money for costumes, prop making, make-up, studio and camera rental, and actor fees. It resulted in 23 donations totaling $230.[10]


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I am the Freeman[edit]

Promotional poster for I am the Freeman.

I am the Freeman, known before December 23, 2013 as I'm the Freeman, was a computer-animated trailer of an above-average length for a hypothetical feature film set in the Half-Life universe, based heavily on Half-Life 2 and created by CGI artist Marco Spitoni.[12] Two teasers were released; the first one on September 16, 2010, and the second one on December 23, 2013. The former gathered attention of the community, having reached over 1.1 million views across several YouTube videos by July 2013.[13][14] The latter, despite featuring new scenes and voice acting absent in the first trailer, failed to be picked up by a similarly wide audience. Moreover, the development process of the film had proven to be a source of hardship for the busy creator.[12]

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