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Taste the Cake

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Taste the Cake.jpg
Taste the Cake

May 14, 2009[1]
May 21, 2009 (music video)[2]


Electronic, industrial, hip hop




Ray Koefoed[3]
Ellen McLain (in-game voice lines)


Ray Koefoed[1]


Ray Koefoed[1][3]

Taste the Cake is a Portal-inspired fan-made song created by Ray Koefoed and featured in his machinima video of the same name.


Having some experience in creating both machinimas[4] and music[5] and dissatisfied with YouTube's copyright policies, Koefoed set out to create an original track for his new Portal video that was to be published by[6][7] Meant to be somewhat experimental, it would be one of his earliest attempts at vocals.[3][6] It would also include in-game voice lines by Ellen McLain as GLaDOS and the Sentry Turret which seemed to him "like they were even meant to be in some kind of strange techno song."[3]

On May 14, 2009, the song by itself was posted for review to the Looperman community which Koefoed personally considered helpful and welcoming.[6] On May 21, the full music video went live on Machinima's YouTube channel as the first episode in Koefoed's new series of video game machinimas featuring original music.[2][7][8] The track was removed from the Looperman website some time after being published due to a consultant agreement with Machinima. However, it was reuploaded on January 21, 2010 when he "decided to alter it so [he] could retain the rights to [his] music and give it away free." By this time, the music video has become Koefoed's most popular production.[3]

The machinima piece was made with Garry's Mod and Source SDK's Face Poser, using content from Portal and Half-Life 2. Koefoed created the Aperture Science uniform skin for the Citizen model utilizing Chell's textures. The song itself was made in FL Studio 8.[8] It features loops uploaded separately by Koefoed to his Looperman profile shortly before the release of Taste the Cake.[6] During production, he focused heavily on instrument tracks, opting for his usual Celtic style for string instruments, and adding a supporting bass track. Aiming to reproduce the sound of the Sentry Turrets, he altered the pitch of and added various audio effects to the chorus lines.[3] The song's lyrics loosely follow the themes and story of the game up until the beginning of the escape section.[8]

Upon learning that Portal 2 was in development, Koefoed sent an e-mail to Valve to apply for the job of composing for the game's credits along with a link to the Taste the Cake video. However, he didn't receive a reply.[3]

The closure of Machinima brought about the deletion of the original video on the company's YouTube channel in January 2019. It has since been reuploaded by Koefoed himself to his personal channel. Prior to being removed, the original had reached over 2,900,000 views and more than 33,000 thumbs ups.[2]


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