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Maverick Developments

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Maverick Developments is a defunct video game development company that was based in England. They are responsible for developing the Drug Barons, Redemption and Wanted! modifications for Half-Life. They also worked on the training mission featured in the retail version of Counter-Strike, the demo version of Gunman Chronicles, and Tutus, an interactive training software on the GoldSrc engine.


Drug Barons[edit]

Drug Barons is a singleplayer level pack for Half-Life by Maverick Developments. It was released in March 1999.[1] It takes place after the events of Half-Life. Gordon Freeman accepts the G-Man's offer, and joins the government department that he works for. Back on Earth, the G-Man gives Gordon a mission, and then sends him on his way. The mission is to destroy a drug factory located in a remote South American location.[2]



Main article: Redemption

Redemption is a single-player mod for Half-Life. Similarly to Drug Barons, it also details Gordon's further employment with the G-Man. The player is tasked with finding and returning three Telnorps that he had originally freed in Xen, and sealing the borderworld's portals.


Wanted! is a singleplayer and multiplayer total conversion for Half-Life, played from the point of view of Sheriff Rogan Black in the American Wild West. Wanted! was not designed to be representative of any specific period of the American Wild West, but spans the Mountain Indian, Mexican villas and the Western town appearance in the style of its sum total era. hosts downloads and offers some support for the mod.

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